Queries about Covid-19
fines answered
Several readers wrote to Khaleej Times, seeking clarity on the UAE attorney-general’s resolution about fines and penalties against violators of the Covid-19 measures. We posed some of these questions to Emirati lawyer Abdul Moneim Bin Suwaidan of Bin Suwaidan Firm for Advocates and Legal Counsels.
People stepping out for work purposes are not fined. They need to present a proof-document of that.
No. Permits were required during the sterilisation process timings.
There is a special prosecution handling such cases. One is summoned there and he can also object (to the fine).
The resolution clearly says that leaving home should be for work purposes, necessities or urgent matters or to buy essential needs.
The movement of people has been restricted. Going out should only be for work and for buying basic needs (like medications or grocery items).
The authorities have urged people to limit their outings for their own safety and that of their loved ones.
A maximum number of three persons is allowed inside cars.
In the current situation, I advise all parents to keep their children indoors. Children and elderly people are vulnerable.
Individuals with respiratory problems or with coughing and sneezing symptoms should wear masks in closed places.
One can surely complain against any person intentionally spreading the virus by coughing on surfaces or vegetables, fruits and other produce, or by mixing with others while he is a suspected Covid-19 patient.
Not sticking to the rule of the 30 per cent capacity of employees at office invites fines.