KT turns 42
Today, Khaleej Times celebrates its 42nd anniversary, and we have you – our readers – to thank for this milestone. Today's world is a very different place than what it was on April 16, 1978, when the first edition of Khaleej Times saw the light of the day. Margaret Thatcher hadn’t assumed power yet. The Cold War between the US and the then-USSR was at its height. The world didn’t know what AIDS was, and the personal computer was in its infancy. But as French critic, journalist and novelist Les Guêpes said in 1849, “Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose”. Or, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’ A quick look at the first edition of Khaleej Times will show that terrorism was still alive and kicking. The Palestinian cause was still a burning issue while the world was yet to step up, with the advice for ‘frank talk’ being the call of the hour. Nuclear fuel was the next big thing that was supposed to wean the world away from hydrocarbon dependence. Even an Iran oil deal was in the offing. Suddenly, it seems that nothing has changed. All these issues and themes are reflected as much in current headlines as they were then, even as we now consume more news digitally than what we do in print. The first ever editorial that Khaleej Times published said: ‘We have no political axe to grind and we do not intend to take sides. We will present the news in a fair and honest manner, leaving our readers to pass judgment.’ We still live by those ideals, every day, 24x7. Today, join us on a visual journey of the front pages over the years, and have a brief look at the men who have shaped your favourite newspaper.
April 16 front pages over the years
Malcom Payne
John Collier
M. J. Zahedi
Khalid Ansari
Executive Editor
K P Nayar
Assistant Editor
1989-90 (In charge)
Bikram Vohra
Nihal Singh
Jamil Akhtar
Sr. Assistant Editor
S Madhusudhana Rao
News Editor
2000-02 (In charge)
Mohammed Al Sharif
Managing Editor
May-June 2002
Rahul Singh
Dec 2002 - Jul 2003
News Editor
2003 (In charge)
C. G. Prem Chandran
Mar 2004 – Oct 2006
Neville Parker
Deputy Editor
2006-08 (In charge)
Rahul Sharma
Jul 2008 - Mar 2010
Patrick Michael
Executive Editor
2010-15 (In charge)
Rohit Saran
Feb 1 - Dec 5, 2015
Vinay Kamat
Vicky Kapur
Executive Editor
Feb 16, 2018 till now